We create, make and serve fresh food to go. We love to share good food with you and your friends.

The vast majority of our shops work with local charity partners to redistribute food left over at the end of each day. Our biggest charity partner is FareShare, who collect from many EAT.’s across London and take the food to homeless shelters and other charities across town. This helps to keep food out of landfill and to feed vulnerable people who would otherwise go without.

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Product Description

This particular project, called ‘FareShareLate’, is in its 3rd year and provides a vital lifeline to 18 grassroots community projects. In a recent survey of beneficiaries, 93% found the service extremely valuable (the other 7% ‘quite valuable’) and this quote sums up why:

Many homeless people will not have anything to eat for the day, so thank you for the sandwiches. It would be very expensive for us to buy sandwiches as we don’t get funding and depend on donations.


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